Bake Sale Report

We are so happy to announce that we made $164 at our bake sale on Valentine’s Day! A huge thank you to those that helped make or sell our goodies! All the sweets were delicious, and we spread the word about our organization to a ton of new people. Our next fundraiser will be on March 7th at Moe’s Southwest Grill! Great job on our first fundraiser and get ready for round two of fundraisers next month!



Necropsy Report!

Our Wildlife Necropsy at the beginning of the month went fantastically! We had alot of great carcasses and a wonderful breakfast during the intro lecture. Thank you to all who came! Look forward to the next one in the fall!


October Schedule

October 19 – 6pm in ES 114: Dr Roger Applegate will give a presentation on opportunities for veterinarians in wildlife and more! After we’re heading to Downtown Grill and Brewery for dinner, etc.

October 28 – noon in ES 114: Journal Club presented by Lauren Maestas. Look for the article coming soon in your email.