International Society of Applied Wildlife Studies

Hello Everyone, If any of you are interested in learning more about wildlife and disease studies this opportunity in Croatia may interest you.

ISAWS – International Society for Applied Wildlife Studies
Project Director
International Easter School in Applied Wildlife Studies 2013
Registration is now open – Deadline March 1
•          — All-included fee includes EVERYTHING:   Registration, All lecture modules, Instructional material, Accommodation, Breakfast and lunch for the duration of the School, Pick-up and drop-off at Zagreb International airport, and Transportation during the school.
•          — Lectures-only registration is now also available.
Wildlife pathology:        Applied wildlife pathology – damage and pathogenicity *Lecturer: Prof. Dolores Gavier WidenComparative medicine:        Pathogen emergence – which pathogens emerge, when and whySurveillance and sustainable health:        Prioritizing wildlife pathogens for surveillance and sustainable control of zoonotic pathogens in wildlife *Lecturer: Prof. Marc ArtoisTransmission and perpetuation of diseases:        How disease is detected, described, and measured *Lecturer: Prof. Gary Wobeser        Disease control targeting – the targets and the tools *Lecturer: Prof. Gary WobeserEvolutionary genetics (to be confirmed):       Adaptive genetic diversity in wildlife – Evolution vs. environment,       Impact of diseases on the evolution and population dynamics of wildlife,  and/or The role of differential expression of (immune) genes for pathogen resistanceWildlife conservation and ecosystem health:        Conservation medicine and ecological health in practice *Lecturer: Prof. Alonso AguirreWildlife management:        The science behind the wildlife disease management – demographic and behavioral impact of disease and management interventions on wildlife populations Disease dynamics and population dynamics:         Movement modeling using GIS/GPS data, population dynamics, statistical models and spatial population synchrony *Lecturer: Prof. Jason Matthiopoulos         Impact of diseases on the evolution and population dynamics of wildlifeWildlife forensics:          DNA application and implementation in wildlife forensic and conservation science;with Applied Wildlife Genetics in Enforcement and Wildlife Crime InvestigationProfessional development:          Behind the Scenes of Scientific Publication and Critical Review – writing and publishing scientific articles *Lecturer: Prof. Tihomir Marjanac
Anne Justice-Allen, DVM
State Wildlife Health Specialist
Arizona Game and Fish Dept
5000 W. Carefree Hwy
Phoenix, AZ  85086

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