Snake Count 2012

via ARAV:

The CSC is working hard to increase our knowledge about snakes, their conservation needs, and to educate people about the important roles snakes play in our world. 

Taking part in the CSC 2012 Snake Count is a great way to get outside with family and friends, find snakes, record data, help the CSC promote its mission, and support snake conservation.  The goal during the Snake Count is to document every species of snake that occurs in the United States in a single time period.  This way we can say whether a species still exists and where it occurs in 2012.  The data collected during the Snake Count will also be used by the CSC to map the current distribution of these snakes which will help us confirm the existence of some rare species and provide baseline data to help monitor selected populations of more common species in the future.  For example, during the Fall 2011 Snake Count, we recorded a very rare species (Black Pine Snake – Pituophis melanoleucus mugitus) and had range extensions or new county records for other species.

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