Bat ID Lab at UT on Jan 21 – sign up now!

Here’s all you need to know, via Dr New – email him by JAN 18 if you want to participate!
For the last several years, faculty from our college, CASNR and the UT EEB Department have been identifying the species of bats submitted to the state health department for rabies testing.  This has allowed the CDC to better understand the species of bats involved in human exposures and those species most likely involved in human cases of rabies in the southeastern U.S.  The data base that has been built up over the years has also allowed us to gain some insight into the biology/ecology of bats in Tennessee as well as some of the specifics about bat rabies in the state.  We usually see a dozen species or more during a routine ID lab which is held once a year.  The Bat ID Lab will be held again spring semester as an activity of the UTCVM Population and Preventive Medicine Club.  All students, whether they are club members or not, are invited to participate. 
The Bat ID Lab is scheduled for Saturday, January 21, 2012, from 9 AM to 1 PM (or until finished and the lab is cleaned up) in Room A235, the Parasitology Teaching Lab, of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital.  The session will begin with a short talk on bat biology by Dr. Gary McCracken or Dr. Amy Turmelle, and a short talk on the role bats play in rabies.  A bat identification key will be provided to each student and students will work in groups of two or three to identify bats.  Students will complete a data sheet and have their identification and the completeness of their data sheet verified by a faculty member. 
Only bats that have been tested and found negative for rabies will be handled by students. 
ALL PARTICIPANTS must bring coveralls or a lab coat.  Exam gloves will be provided.  No dangling jewelry will be allowed and long hair must be contained so that it does not fall past the ears when the head is bent forward.  Each UTCVM student, staff or faculty member must wear their UTCVM ID badge. 
There is no cost for the lab but if you are interested in participating, you must reply to this message no later than the end of the day Wednesday, January 18, 2012, so I can be sure to have enough handouts.  Wildlife students will also be attending this session and we want to be sure we have enough supplies.  Non-students are welcome but I must know in advance (on or before January 18) their names and affiliations (agencies). 

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