Wildlife Necropsy Wet Lab

Hey Everyone,

We had a great time this weekend at our wet lab hosted by Dr Deb Miller and Dr Rick Gerhold! We had multiple animals to learn from, including two coyotes (one with heartworms, see below!), a beaver, a fawn, a mink, raccoons, snakes, a red-tailhed hawk, and much more! Thanks to all who came, and also those who helped clean after (which was pretty much everyone who didn’t have to leave early, because you’re all so amazing). Also thanks to Dr Greenacre who ran the avian necropsy wet lab last weekend, which we unfortunately don’t have any pictures of.

If you weren’t able to make it to either of these labs, keep an eye out for our Spring schedule coming out sometime in January. Thanks again to all of the wonderful students who have made this club what it is!

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